14. “Dedicated to the Jamaica of Greece!” Inventing Tradition, Copyrighting Place, and World Music Transformations of an Island Folk Dance



1. palyrria, “Ikariotikos (dry mix)”

From: palyrria. Cantini, CAN 0045, 2004, CD.


Konstantinos Haller: Electronics [Audio Technology]; Art Em: Lyre, Trumpet, Zurna; Tsiko: Percussion, Loops, Mandolin, Backing Vocals;Dr. Aja: Synthesizer, Percussion, Loops; Panayiotis Caperneka: Vocals, Bansuri, Bagpipes [Shepherd's Pipe], Mizmar [Zourna]; Lo-fi: Featuring [Special Guest].




One of the first arrangements of ikariotikos, with a characteristically hybrid name and aesthetics. Contrary to all the other tracks on the CD, the composition of “Ikariotikos (dry mix)” is attributed to an individual composer. In the CD sleeve-notes we read (concerning the whole CD): “Conceived+ arranged + produced by: palyrriaexcepttr: 05 [“Ikariotikos (drymix)”] composed by G Konitopoulos based on a traditional theme” [English in original].


2. Ανδριάνα Μπάμπαλη, “Περιπλανώμενο”

2. Andriana Babali, “Periplanomeno”

From: O John John Zei. EMI Music Greece 5099991953421, ‎2010, CD.


Stamos Semsis: Composer; Nikos Moraitis: Lyrics; Akis Katsoupakis: Producer.




Andriana Babali, a singer of pop ballads, recorded the CD O John John Zei (John John is Alive) in 2010. It includes a song which uses, as its refrain, lyrics from Konitopoulos’ ikariotikos. The song is also named after a very characteristic word from those lyrics: “Periplanomeno” (Wandering). The song, composed by StamosSemsis with original lyrics by Nikos Moraitis, addresses, mainly in the second person, the migrants and refugees coming to Greece and Europe having endured long journeys and incredible dangers and adversities, being exploited by networks of traffickers, only to find distrust and rejection when, and if, they finally manage to reach their promised shore.


3. Γιάννης Πάριος, “Ικαριώτικο”

3. Giannis Parios, “Ikariotiko”

From: Ta Nisiotika, Minos MSM 430–431, 1982, 33 ⅓ rpm.




The composition/ arrangement of ikariotikos by Giorgos Konitopoulos, sung by Giannis Parios, made ikariotikos a popular hit all over Greece.


4. Locomondo, “Ikariotikos”

From: New Day Rising. Monopol Records (2) ‎– 970443, Monopol Records (2) ‎– M 7219, 2013, CD.




The reggae version of ikariotikos by Locomondo, based on local versions of the dance from the island of Ikaria.


5. TV Advertisement, “MythosBeer”

Created by SOLID, produced by Χ-Rated, directed by GiorgosZafeiris, 2014.



The advertisement discussed in the introduction of the chapter features ikariotikos as a musical icon of island Greek “coolness”.


6. Locomondo, “This is Locomondo”

Official promo video, subtitled in English, created by Epikouros Triantafyllidis and produced by Konstantinos Zoudouridis, 2011.



The official promo video of the group, featuring characteristic songs and tunes of their hybrid style.Youtube info: “A video clip of extracts from the live performances of Locomondo in Greece in 2011. Most of the material used is from the band’s concert in Petroupolis, Athens as well as from other shows from the 2011 tour of the band”.


7. Locomondo, “Ikariotikos”

Live in Athens, 11/09/2008, HiJACK.gr beach party, Aktitouiliou (Sun Beach), Alimos.Filmed by Kostas Antonopoulos.



In this live concert, ikariotikos is directly connected with Jamaica by the group’s singer, who introduces the song with the phrase: “Dedicated to the Jamaica of Greece!”


8. DJ Pantelis, feat. Teodora and Teddy Georgo, “Opa (My Ikariotiko)”



In 2006, Thessaloniki-based DJ Pantelis, promoted as the “Balkans’ Most Wanted DJ”, made a remix of ikariotikos with Bulgarian chalga, a folk-pop genre developed and popularized in post-socialist Bulgaria. Featuring chalga singer Teodora and Bulgarian DJ Teddy Georgo, the “OPA (My Ikariotiko)” videoclip abounds in images of sexual provocation, expensive cars, excessive nightclub entertainment, luxuriance, and voluptuousness.