Series map


Made in Spain (June 2013) – edited by Héctor Fouce e Sílvia Martínez
Made in Italy (October 2013) – edited by Franco Fabbri and Goffredo Plastino
Made in Japan (June 2014) – edited by Toru Mitsui
Made in Brazil (October 2014) – edited by Martha Tupinambá de Ulhôa, Cláudia Azevedo and Felipe Trotta
Made in Latin America (December 2015) – edited by Julio Mendívil and Christian Spencer Espinosa
Made in Korea (July 2016) – edited by Hyunjoon Shin and Seung-Ah Lee
Made in Sweden (October 2016) – edited by Alf Bjönberg and Thomas Bossius
Made in Hungary (January 2017) – edited by Emília Barna e Tamás Tófalvy
Made in the Low Countries (October 2017) – edited by Lutgard Mustaers e Gert Keunen



Made in France (2017) – edited by Gérôme Guibert and Catherine Rudent
Made in Turkey (2017) – edited by Ali C. Gedik
Made in Australia & New Zealand – edited by Shelley Brunt and Geoff Stahl
Made in Greece – edited by Dafni Tragaki
Made in Yugoslavia – edited by Danijela Špirić-Beard and Ljerka Vidić Rasmussen
Made in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – edited by Oliver Seibt and David-Emil Wickström
Made in Poland – edited by Patryk Galuszka
Made in Taiwan – edited by Eva Tsai, Miaoju Jian and Tunghung Ho