02. Anna Vissi: Singing Greece’s Contemporary Socio-Cultural History



1. Anna Vissi’s official website


Anna Vissi’s official website comes complete with biographical info, discography, videography and press releases.


2. Terror X Crew, Εσσεται ‘Ημαρ

2. Terror X Crew, Essetai Imar



Essetai Imar (The Day Will Come) is a hip-hop album with themes, lyrics, and instruments related to ancient Greece, which was released in 2001 by Greek hip-hop group Terror X Crew.


3. “4,000 Years of Greek Song”



The interval act of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens was entitled “4,000 Years of Greek Song”.


4. Άννα Βίσση, Κραυγή

4. Anna Vissi, Kravgi



Anna Vissi’s album in 2000 was entitled Kravgi (Shout).


5. Άννα Βίσση, “Ας Κάνουμε Απόψε Μια Αρχή”

5. Anna Vissi, “As Kanoume Apopse Mian Archi”



Anna Vissi won first prize at the Thessaloniki Song Festival in 1977 with the song “As Kanoume Apopse Mian Archi” (Let’s Make a Start Tonight), composed and penned by Doros Georgiadis.


6. Άννα Βίσση, “Δώδεκα”

6. Anna Vissi, “Dodeka”



Vissi’s 1985 album achieved gold status, and her track “Dodeka” (Midnight), a typical 1980s power ballad, became so successful that it ended up being regarded as one of Vissi’s signature songs.


7. Άννα Βίσση, Κλίμα Τροπικό

7. Anna Vissi, Klima Tropiko



Vissi’s album Klima Tropiko (Tropical Climate) was released in 1996, and acquired double platinum status within only a few weeks.


8. Άννα Βίσση, “Call Me”

8. Anna Vissi, “Call Me”



Anna Vissi’s English CD single “Call Me”, after being released in the USA in 2005, reached the number-one spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance-Music/Club-Play Charts and number two on Billboard’s Dance Radio-Airplay Charts.


9. Άννα Βίσση, “Everything”

9. Anna Vissi, “Everything”



Anna Vissi’s entry for the Athens Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.


10. Άννα Βίσση, “Στη Πυρά”

10. Anna Vissi, “Sti Pyra”



From Anna Vissi’s 2008 album, one of the songs that stood out was “Stin Pyra” (On Fire).


11. Άννα Βίσση, Αγάπη Είναι Εσύ

11. Anna Vissi, Agapi Einai Esy



Anna Vissi’s studio album in 2010 was entitled Agapi Einai Esy (Love Means You). It was released by Sony Music Greece yet packaged as part of Real News, a nationally issued Greek newspaper.