04. “Art-popular” Song and Modern Greek Poets – Interactions and Ideologies: The Case of Mikis Theodorakis



1. “Μέρα Μαγιού Μου Μίσεψες”

1. “Mera Magiou Mou Misepses”

From: Epitaphios, Columbia ‎33GS3, 1964 (initially 1960), Vinyl, 10”.


Grigoris Bithikotsis: vocals; Manolis Chiotis: bouzouki; Mikis Theodorakis: conductor.





Based on Giannis Ritsos’ poem Epitaphios.


2. “Στο Περιγιάλι Το Κρυφό”

2. “Sto Perigiali to krypho”

From: Epiphania, 1966 (initially 1962), Columbia SEGG 2600, 45 rpm.


Grigoris Bithikotsis, vocals; Kostas Papadopoulos (initially Manolis Chiotis): bouzouki, Mikis Theodorakis, conductor.





Βased on poetry by George Seferis.


3. “Της δικαιοσύνης ήλιε νοητέ”

3. “Tis dikaiosynisilienoite”

From: The Axion Esti.


Grigotis Bithikotsis, vocals; Mikis Theodorakis, conductor.





Βased on Odysseus Elytis’ The Axion Esti. For the whole live performance at the Lycabettus Theatre, August 1977, click here (“Tis dikaiosynisilienoite” at 29.22).


4. “Ήταν 18 Νοέμβρη”, “Το γελαστό παιδί”

4. “Itan 18 Noemvri”, “To gelastopaidi”

From: The Hostage (music for Brendan Behan’s play of that name).


Maria Farantouri, vocals; Mikis Theodorakis, conductor.


Lyrics and Lyrics



In this performance of 1974, which took place immediately after the fall of the Junta, the “18 November” of the title was replaced by “17 November”, celebrating the uprising of the students in the Law School in Athens against the Junta.