06. Producing Entechno: Amalgamation and Hybridization in a Controversial Musical Style



1. Νίκος Ξυδάκης – Μανώλης Ρασούλης, “Βρέχει Στην Εθνική Οδό”

1. Nikos Xydakis and Manolis Rasoulis, “Vrechei stin Ethniki Odo”

From: I Ekdikisi tis Gyftias. Lyra 3308, 1978, LP & CD.


Dionysis Savvopoulos: vocals, Argyris Charalambous: guitar; Recorded at Agrotikon Studio; Conductor-Producer: Dionysis Savvopoulos.





The first track of the album. It is a pure and clear recording performed by the guitar and vocal. There is an obvious impact that country music and Bob Dylan have on Savvopoulos.


2. Σωκράτης Μάλαμας, “Καρφί”

2. Sokratis Malamas, “Karfi”

From: Aspromavres Istories. Lyra 4519, 1989, LP & CD.


Sokratis Malamas: vocals, guitar; Konstantinos Theodorou: Electric bass; Theodoros Kapilidis: Electric Guitar; Nikos Kapilidis: drums; Vasilis Kafouros: Piano; Georgios Gotsis: Saxophone; Ioannis Aggelakis: Trumpet.





This song points to rock Anglo-American sound of rock bands in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.


3. Ορφέας Περίδης, “Τα Τραγούδια Μου Τ΄Αμερικάνικα”

3. Orfeas Peridis, “Ta tragoudia mou T’Amerikanika”

From: Kali sou Mera an Ksypnas. AKTH 484379, 1996, LP & CD.


Orfeas Peridis: vocals, Acoustic guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Pipe; Nikos Kassavetis: drums; Giotis Kiourtsoglou: bass; Giannis Drolapas: Electric Guitar (Epilogue); Dimitris Mparmpagalas Electric Guitar (Solo); Vassilis Gkinos: Keybords; Vangelis Karipis: Percussion; Thimios Papadopoulos: Pipes.





This song established Orfeas Peridis as Song-writer with both refs to Greek Traditional Music and Rock Sound. The pentatonic solo in the middle of song, played both by the electric guitar and pipes, has been an exceptional example of how peridis defines his sound.


4. Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου, Αγία Νοσταλγία

4. Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Agia Nostalgia

Lyra 4660, 1993, LP & CD.


Vassilis Kafouros: Accordion; Thanasis Sofras; Acoustic Bass; Manolis Pappos: Lute, Oud, Baglama, Mandolin; Thanasis Papakonstantinou: Bouzouki, Bouzoukomana; Costas Vellis; Mpampis Papadopoulos: Electric Guitar.




The debut album of Thanasis Papakonstantinou, in which tries to combine the electric sound with folk greek musical instruments. There is an intense present of his hybrid instrument Bouzoukomana, that until today constitutes his feature.


5. Αλκίνοος Ιωαννίδης, “Edgar Allan Poe”

5. Alkinoos Ioannidis, “Edgar Allan Poe”

From: O Dromos, o Chronos kai o Ponos. Polygram 537157, 1997, CD.


Alkinoos Ioannidis: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar; Giannis Spathas: Electric Guitar; Nikos Antypas: Drums, Vangelis Karipis: Percussion; Ploutarchos Rempoutsikas: Cello; Dimitris Gouzios: Cello; Giannis Papagiannis: Oboe; Dimitris Chountis: Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo.





In this recording participated two members of one of the greatest greek rock band “Sokrates”, Giannis Spathas and Nikos Antypas. Their sound imprints are distinctive. Giannis Spathas also orchestrated four more songs in this album. One of them “Osa i agapi Onirevetai” it is an obvious folk (laiko) song played by the bouzouki on a bagio rhythm, which is also very popular rythm in greek folk music.