09. “Sharing What We Lack”: Contextualizing Live Experimental Music in Post-2009 Athens



1. V/A, KNOT

Echomusic, ec17, 2011, Limited Edition CD-R.


Collection featuring live performances that took place in Knot Gallery, Athens between February and June 2010.

Yiorgis Sakellariou: compilation; Themistoklis Pantelopoulos: mastering; ΜΠΑ: design and printing.


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The tracks on this limited edition CD-R were compiled and released by Yorgis Sakellariou, a.k.a. Mecha Orga, on his self-run label, Echomusic. Sakellariou was, at the time, one of the Athens-based electronic musicians to appear in Knot Gallery during its first year of operation; he had been a regular at the Small Music Theatre up until its closure in 2009, and had been an active organizer / promoter of DIY concerts in a variety of contextsduring the previous decade. The YouTube video features a live performance by Stylianos Tziritas Unit in June 11, 2010, a recording of which was included in the compilation.


2. acte vide, Noeud

Moremars, nous series N#06, 2011, mini CD-R.


Danae Stefanou: piano; Yannis Kotsonis: electronics.


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This short release on Moremars label features a recording made during the opening of Knot Gallery in Athens in December 2009. The recording picks up at the end of an hour-long background performance of Satie’s Vexations.


3. Mohammad, Roto Vildblomma

Antifrost‎– afro2044, 2010, CD.


Nikos Veliotis: cello (uncr.); Coti K: double-bass (uncr.); Ilios: oscillators (uncr.).


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This is the first official release by Athens-based trio Mohammad (later a duo, and re-named MMMD), on the Antifrost label, run by bandmember Ilios (aka Dimitris Karyofillis). The album came out two months after the band’s first live appearance as a trio in Knot Gallery.


4. Panos Alexiadis live at Knot Gallery

Live performance at Knot Gallery on 16 February 2013.





This performance by Panos Alexiadis (whose views on the local sceneare quoted in the chapter title) took place on the same bill with Evol (Spain) and No God Ritual (Greece), three weeks before a closure notice was served on most Athenian multi-function spaces, including Knot Gallery.The event was organized by Romvos (at the time, an initiative comprising Giorgos Axiotis a.k.a. Turbo Teeth, Ilan Manouach, Timos Alexandropoulos a.k.a. No God Ritual, and Akis Sinos). Εstablished in 2012 and active both as an events initiative and label, Romvos was relatively short-lived; however, it would later give riseto Hypermedium, a highly active label which organizes regular club nights and dj sets in various new and older venues in Athens, since early 2015.


5. Nikos Veliotis, Folklor Invalid

Antifrost – afro2062, 2013, CD.


Nikos Veliotis: cello (uncr.); Bella Fuzz, Natasha Giannaraki, Nalyssa Green, Anastasis Grivas, Simos Kakalas, Yorgia Karidi, Thanos Kois, Dimitra Kouza, Elena Mavridou, Danae Stefanou: Screamers.


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For this project, experimental cellist and Mohammad founder Nikos Veliotis recorded a choir of “screamers”, put together specifically for this purposeat C.A.M.P. gallery in Athens in May 2013. The choir recording was played back during a public performance by Veliotis at Knot Gallery, and a recording of this live set was then played back and re-recorded in the empty gallery, shortly before the venue’s permanent shutdown. Among the heavy layers of the end result, one can barely distinguish the source recordings, but it is worth mentioning that Small Music Theater founder Anastasis Grivas, and Lost Bodies’ front man Thanos Kois, a regular at the Small Music Theater, are among the indiscernible screamers.