11. Popular Gypsy Musicians and the Political Economy of Affect in Contemporary Greece



1. Δώρα Μασκλαβάνου – Κώστας Παυλίδης, “Ρόμ”

1. Dora Masklavanou and Kostas Pavlidis, “Rom”

From: Nikos Kypourgos, Rom, 1989, Vinyl, LP Sirius (2) ‎– SMH 89 015, Music Box International ‎–SMH 89 015.


Clarinet – Nikos Ginos
Composed By, Orchestrated By, Conductor – Nikos Kypourgos
Contrabass – Vassilis Papavasiliou
Guitar, Lute – Stella Kyopraiou
Lyrics by: Anonymous
Percussion – Alekos Christidis
Violin – Michalis Vorias


Lyrics (only in Greek)



Kostas Pavlidis sings along with Dora Maskalavanou this song in Romani. The song is the first in Nikos Kypourgos soundtrack of the Manolis Karamaggiolis documentary film entitled Rom; he also sung the main themes of the movie soundtrack. The documentary won the first prize in the Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1989.


2. Ελένη Βιτάλη, “Το Τραγούδι των Γύφτον”

2. Eleni Vitali, “To tragoudi ton Gyfton”

From: Songs of Greece’s Gypsies, FM Records.





The song was composed by Dionisis Tsaknis with lyrics mainly in Greek with some words in Romani written by him too. No more info available.


3. Κωστας Χατζης, “Απ’ το αεροπλανο”

3. Kostas Chatzis, “Ap’ to aeroplano”

Live performance from the TV show “Stinigia mas” (To our health) presented by Spiros Papadopoulos 2015.


The song comes originally from From “Oue!” Philips ‎– 6673 500, Vinyl, LP Album
And it was composed by Kostas Chatzis with lyrics written by S. Tsotou.





4. Μανώλης Αγγελόπουλος, “Τα Μαύρα Μάτια Σου”

4. Manolis Aggelopoulos, “Ta Mavra matia sou”

From: Prosfygas. Pan-Vox (2) ‎– X 33 SPV 10199, 1977, Vinyl, LP, Album.


The song was adapted by Manolis Aggelopoulos in lyrics written by Maro. Bizani.






5. Μανώλης Αγγελόπουλος, “Όταν ακούω νύχτα τη βροχή”

5. Manolis Aggelopoulos, “Otan akuo nixta ti vrochi”

From: Mas xorizei i Zoi. Pan-Vox (2) ‎– X33 SPV 10249, Vinyl, LP, Album .


The music is composed by Andreas Spyropoulos and the lyrics are written by Theodoros Kaburidis.


Lyrics (in Greek and Hebrew)