16. Spanish Popular Music through Latin American Eyes



1. Toña la Negra, “Pachito E’che”

From the movie: Una gallega baila mambo (Emilio Gómez Muriel, 1951).



Discogs (recorded version)


Toña la Negra sings the mambo “Pachito E’che”. Niní Marshall personifying Cándida, the working class Galician woman, dances whit Joaquín Pardavé, a Mexican actor that made popular during the 1940’s the Asturian character of Don Venancio — but in this film he is a Mexican bus driver.


2. Juan Legido with Los Churumbeles de España,
“3 veces guapa”




The Churumbeles de España orchestra show here, in this excerpt from an unknown movie, the influences from big bands instrumentation and choreography.


3. Ana Belén y Víctor Manuel ,“La muralla”

From: La paloma de vuelo popular – Nicolás Guillén. Philips 66 41 555 GT.40, 1976, 33 rpm.


Ana Belén and Victor Manuel: vocals.





Spanish singers Ana Belén y Víctor Manuel sings “La muralla” on the UNEAC’s (Cuban Artists and Writers Union) gardens for the poet Nicolás Guillén, the autor of the lyrics.


4. Julio Iglesias, “Soy un truhán, soy un señor”

From: Soy un truhán, soy un señor / 33 años. Columbia MO 1747, 1977, 45 rpm.


Julio Iglesias: voice.



Discogs (recorded version)


This is a live performance of Julio Iglesias at the Song Festival of Viña del Mar, Chile, in 1981.