11. ¡Baila toda la noche! Fragments of Electronic Dance Music



1. Sandy Marton, “People from Ibiza”

From: People from Ibiza. Ibiza Records IBZ 410, 1984, 45 rpm.


Sandy Marton: voice, keyboards; Claudio Cecchetto: producer.





Sandy Marton performs “People from Ibiza” during the final night of the 1985 Festivalbar. The Festivalbar was an Italian singing competition that took place in the most important Italian squares during summer: the final round always took place at the Arena di Verona.


2. Various artists remixed by DJ Alfredo, “Amnesia tape”

From a tape recorded by DJ Alfredo.



Original audiocassette produced and sold directly in the disco Amnesia, Ibiza 1989.


3. Chimo Bayo, “Así me gusta a mí”

From: Así me gusta a mí. Area Internacional PI 31416, 1991, 12″ 45 rpm.


Chimo Bayo: voice, keyboards, producer.





The biggest hit of Spanish dance music, which sold about one million copies worldwide.


4. “Maquina total megamix”

From: Maquina total. Max Music NM467DB, 1991, compact disc.


Toni Peret & José M. Castells: idea, mix and production.




From the first Maquina Total’s series, a collection of electronic dance music remixes published between 1991 and 1998. The series was very popular in Spain and became a symbol of the bakalao way of life.


5. Richie Hatwin at Sónar 2009

From an unpublished live recording.


Richie Hatwin: DJ.



Richie Hatwin’s DJ set at Sonar Festival 2009, Barcelona. Hatwin is one of Sonar’s internationals guests, and his regular presence at the event has been always enthusiastically greeted by the audiences.