12. J-pop Goes the World: A New Global Fandom in the Age of Digital Media


1. L’arc~en~Ciel, “Blurry Eyes”

From: Tierra, Ki/oon ‎– KSC2 80, 1994, CD.

Hyde: vocals, Ken: guitar; Tetsu: bass guitar; Yukihiko: drums.



“Blurry Eyes” was the first single by L’arc~en~Ciel released on 21 October, 1994 by Ki/oon Sony Records, and rose up to No. 22 in the Oricon charts, with lyrics composed by hyde and music by Tetsu. It was originally included in their second album, Tierra, before released as a single. It was used as the opening theme song for an anime, D・N・A: Dokokade-nakushita Aitsu-no-aitsu (Nippon TV). In 2006 its reissue was No. 12 in the Oricon charts.

2. The GazettE, “Remember the Urge”

 From: The GazettE Official YouTube Channel.


Ruki: vocals; Uruha: guitar; Aoi: guitar; Reita: bass guitar; Kai: drums.


“Remember the Urge” by GazettE, formed in 2002, was released as their twentieth single by Sony Music Records in August 2011.

3. アリス九號, “Shining”

3. Alice Nine, “Shining”

From: Supernova, Nayutawave Records ‎– UPCH-20345, 2014, CD.


Shou: lead vocals; Tora: guitar, backing vocals; Hiroto: guitar, backing vocals; Saga: bass, backing vocals; Nao: drums.



“Shining” by Alice Nine, formed in 2004, was released as their twenty-eighth single by Universal Music Japan in February 2014.

4. モーニング娘。’14, “君の代わりは居やしない”

4. Morning Musume ’14, “Kimi-no Kawari-wa Iyashinai” (There’s No One That Can Replace You)

Video provided by Morning Musume ’14.

Sayumi Michishige, Mizuki Fukumura, Erina Ikuta, Riho Sayashi, Kanon Suzuki, Haruna Iikubo, Ayumi Ishida, Masaki Satō, Haruka Kudō and Sakura Oda: vocals and dancing.

“Kimi-no Kawari-wa Iyashinai,” composed by Tsunku (lyrics and music), was released as a single in January 2014 by a label named Zetima. The line-up of this girls’ group formed by Tsunku, a record producer, in 1997, continuously changes and maintains the age range—from late adolescents to early twenties.

5. Scandal, “スキャンダル”

5. Scandal, “Scandal in the House”

Video provided by Scandal JPN.
From: Scandal, JPU Records ‎– 028, 2017, 2 × CD (compilation).

Haruna: lead vocals, guitar; Mami: guitar, backing vocals; Tomomi: bass guitar, backing vocals; Rina: drums, backing vocals.


“Scandal in the House” was released on 18 September, 2013, as a coupling of Scandal’s seventeenth single “Over Drive” (Epic Record Japan ESCL4096, and later ESCL4097), with lyrics by Scandal and Kosaka Daimaō and music by Kosaka Daimaō. Both “Over Drive” and “Scandal in the House” were produced by Kosaka Daimaō. This single preceded their album Standard (released on 2 October, 2013), in which “Over Drive” was included.

6. May J., “Lovin’ You”

From: Love Ballad, Rhythm Zone ‎– RZCD-59424, 2013, CD.

May J.: vocals; unidentified orchestra: backing orchestra.


“Lovin’ You” (lyrics by Natsumi Watanabe; music by Kazuhiro Hara) was released as the first track in Love Ballad, her third “mini-album” by a label named rhythm zone in October 2013. May Jamileh Hashimoto was born in 1988 and began her career as a singer in 2004.

7. 少年ナイフ, “Pop Tune”

7. Shonen Knife, “Pop Tune”

From: Pop Tune, P-Vine Records ‎– PCD-25144, 2012, CD.

Naoko: lead vocals, guitar; Ritsuko: bass guitar, backing vocals; Emi: drums, backing vocals.


“Pop Tune” was the title track from Shōnen Knife’s eighteenth studio album. It was released on 6 June, 2012 by P-Vine Records (PCD-27144) and also released in early June in the same year in the US, UK and other European countries.