09. Tōru Takemitsu’s Seigenki(Time Within Memory): An Anti-experimental, Tonal Film Score



1. Moeru Aki (Glowing Autumn)

 From: Moeru Aki: Original Soundtrack. Soundtrack Listeners Communications, SLCS-5070, 1996, CD.


Hikaru Hayashi: conductoer; Tokyo Concerts: symphony orchestra.



Written for a film, Moeru Aki (1979), directed by Masaki Kibayashi, this is one of Takemitsu’s compositions for films characterized by “popular” music orientation with its classical tonality.


 2.  “Tsubasa” (Wings)

From: Live performance of the song by five musicians in the lunch-time concert at Nakano Geinō Shō-gekijō (Nakano Entertainment Little Theater) in Nakano, Tokyo, in September 2012.


Mio Shindō: vocals, piano, arrangement; Hideo Kachi: flute; Yoshihiro Tanabe: guitar; Takumi Watabe: contrabass; Muneo Takeshita: drums.



This performance of “Tsubasa” composed by Tōru Takemitsu shows just one of diverse ways the song has been performed.


 3.  Nami-no Bon (Bon Festival on the Waves)

From: Soundtrack album for Nami-no Bon, a TV drama, and Arashi-ga Oka, a film, Wave/ Music Today, number and date unknown, CD.


Hiroyuki Iwaki: conductor; Tokyo Concerts: symphony orchestra.



This theme music composed by Tōru Takemitsu for a TV drama of 1983 attracted his fans, although Takemitsu himself seems to have had reservations.


 4. Trailer for Tanin-no Kao (Face of Another)

From: Tanin-no Kao, a film directed by Hiroshi Teshigawara, released by Tōhō in 1966.



Tōru Takemitsu wrote music for this film based on a novel, Tanin-no Kao (1964), by Kōbō Abe, who also wrote the film script.