07. The Development of Japanese Rock: A Bourdieuan Analysis


1. リザード, “TVマジック”

1. Lizard, “TV Magic”

Unidentified video of Lizard’s performance in a live-spot 1980.

Momoyo: vocals; unidentified four musicians: lead guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and drums.



Lizard, one of the representative “Tokyo Rockers” bands whose activities centered around S-Ken studio in Roppongi, Tokyo, was led by Momoyo (b. Yōsuke Sugawara in 1953) who composed this song in 1978.

2. アナーキー, “東京・イズ・バーニング”

2. Anarchy, “Tokyo Is Burning”

From: Anarchy, Anarchy. Victor Invitation VICL-2120, 1990, 33⅓ rpm.

Shigeru Makino: vocals; Yasunari Hen’mi: guitar; Shin’ichi Fujinuma: guitar; Nobuyoshi Teraoka: bass guitar; Takao Kobayashi: drums.

Anarchy was formed in 1978 by four members, and their first album, Anarchy, released by Victor in 1980, said to have sold more than 100,000 copies. “Tokyo Is Burning” is a Tokyo version of the Clash’s “London’s Burning”.

4. Sheena and the Rokkets, “Lazy Crazy Blues”

From: Sheena & the Rokkets [sic], Sheena and the Rokkets. Alpha Records, number unknown, 1979, 33⅓ rpm.

Sheena (Etsuko Ayukawa): vocals; Makoto Ayukawa: lead guitar; Toshihiro Nara: bass guitar; Kazuhide Kawashima: drums.



This is the first track in the first album by Sheena and the Rokkets. Makoto Ayukawa (b. 1948) formed this band in 1978 after disbanding Son House.