13. Structural Transformations of the Music Industry in Brazil 1999-2009: The reorganization of the Record Market in the Digital Networks



1. iMusica

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2. Móveis Coloniais de Acaju, “O Tempo”

From : C_mpl_te, Trama, 2009, CD.


André Gonzáles: vocals; Beto Mejía: flute; Eduardo Borém: harmonica, keyboards, Esdrar Nogueira, baritone saxophone; Fabio Pedroza: bass; Fernando Jatobá: guitar; Pualo Rogério: tenor saxophone; Gabriel Coaracy: drums.





The official music video of the song “O tempo” (The Time) is the result of the Live Project entitled #TempoRealMoveisMtv, 2011. This video clip was recorded live as a joint venture of the band in association with MTV Brazil and Graffiti Artists. As MTV Brasil broadcasted a program with the band on the internet, the fans were requested to tweet the tag #TempoRealMoveisMtv. As they did so, the artists of the collective Graffiti Artists painted their nick names in the wall. During the transmission, the band acted a strange choreography in the back of the scene. At the end of the transmission, the band revealed a surprise: the audience had watched in real time the entire music video, acted by the band.


2a. Móveis Coloniais de Acaju, “O Tempo” – Making Of