07. Chicha Music, Urban Subalternity, and Cultural Identities in Peru: Construction of the Local and Translocal Scene



1. Chacalón y La Nueva Crema, ”El provinciano” (Boy from the Provinces), 1977


Lorenzo Palacios Quispe: vocals.



Lorenzo Palacios Quispe, most known as “Papá Chacalón”, is a popular artist who sang to the people living in the peripheral neighborhoods  of the city of Lima, some of them located on the hills sorrunding the capital city . Most of his fans are low-income and migrant people, men and women who moved to Lima from different parts of Peru. “El Provinciano” (Boy from the Provinces) is a song that has become the hymn of these migrants from the provinces who live in Lima city.


2. Los Shapis, ”Ambulante soy” (I am a Street Vendor), 1984

Julio Simeón: vocals; Jaime Moreyra: first guitar.


Julio Simeón (named ”Chapulín, El dulce”) and Jaime Moreyra are directors of The Shapis. Both moved to Lima from two different provinces, Huancayo, Junin (center Andean province) and Juliaca, Puno (south Andean province), respectively. This song talks about low-income people who live at Lima and work as street-vendors.


3. Grupo 5, ”La Culebrítica”, 2007



Group 5 is a musical group from a northern coastal province of Peru, which was founded in 1973. This musical group opened and lead a new stage of chicha music with the called northern Cumbia. With the song “Culebrítica”, this group became widely known in Lima and Peru since the end of the first decade of 2000.