17. The Germaican Connection – German Reggae Abroad



1. Kööm, “Urlaub vom Tag”



Probably the earliest emanation of reggae music from Germany is Kööm’s album Urlaub vom Tag from 1983. Although the album’s title track is only 36 seconds long and consists entirely of quirky organ sounds, the rest of the album is a blend of reggae elements and contemporary German pop music.


2. Gentleman, “Dem Gone”




3. Gentleman, “Superior”



Gentleman is probably the most popular German reggae artist today. Both, “Dem Gone” from the album Journey to Jah (2002) and “Superior” from the album Confidence (2004) where international hit singles.


4. Patrice, “Soulstorm”



The single “Soulstorm” from Patrice’s album Nile (2005) marked a milestone in his career as international reggae artist.



5. Seed, “Dickes B”




6. Seed, “Doctor’s Darling Riddim”



On one hand, Seeed appear as a band that is deeply connected to their home city Berlin using many local markers in their music and videos – the song “Dickes B” from their album New Dubby Conquerors (2002) being a prime example for that. On the other hand, they are part of a more transnational network of reggae culture which is discussed in greater detail the chapter “The Germaican Connection” and exemplified by the Riddim “Doctors Darling”.