03. Broadcasting media and popular music


1. Kim Sang-hŭi, “You Mean Everything to Me” (Neil Sedaka cover)

From: Television footage from TBC’s Sho Sho Sho (Show Show Show), end-of-the-year special event (1975).


Kim Sang-hŭi: vocal.


Syo Syo Syo (Show Show Show) started in 1964 and became one of the most popular television show in the 1960-70’s. It took a “variety show” format, modeling after the U.S. military base shows. The show featured a wide variety of genres in the 1970’s.


2. Saendŭ Pebŭljŭ (Sand Pebbles), “Na Ŏttŏkhae” (What Should I Do?)

From: Television footage of at the 1st MBC Taehak Kayoje (College Kayo Contest) (September 3, 1977).


Kim Ch’ang-hun: Music & lyrics; Yi Yŏng-dŭk: guitar; Yŏ Pyŏng-sŏp: vocal; Choi Kwang-sŏk: keyboards; Kim Min-su: bass; Kim Yŏng-guk: drums.



MBC Taehak Kayoje (MBC College Kayo Contest) initiated the new trend of presenting college amateur musicians and bands. Sand Pebbles from Seoul National University won the grand prize at the 1st contest in 1977.


3. Cho Yong-p’il, “Tanbalmŏri” (Bobbled-hair girl)

From: Television footage from MBC’s Show 2000 (1984).

Cho Yong-p’il: music, vocal; Pak Kŏn-ho: lyrics.




Cho Yong-p’il, one of the most popular singers in Korea, built his cross-generational appeal through the rising national media, television.


4. Pak Nam-jŏng, “Sarang ŭi pulsich’ak” (Crash Landing of Love)

From: Television footage from MBC’s Shiptae Kasu Kayoje (Top Ten Singers Festival) in 1989.


Pak Nam-jŏng: vocal; Kim Ki-p’yo: music; Yi Ho-sŏp: lyrics



The popularity of dance-oriented performers in the late 1980’s, including Pak Nam-jŏng, was indebted to various television platforms such as countdown chart shows and end-of-the-year awards.


5. Seo Taeji & Boys, “Kŏmbaek Hom” (Come Back Home)

From: Television footage of from MBC’s Inki Kayo Besŭtŭ 50 (Pop Hit Best 50) in 1995.


Seo Taiji: Music & lyrics. Vocal; Yang Hyŏn-sŏk: vocal; Yi Ju-no: vocal.



Seo Taiji made most of the marketing potential of the television platform. After a short break, he made a stage comeback on a special television show.


6. K-pop World Festival 2014

From: Full footage of K-pop World Festival 2014 published at KBS World TV channel on YouTube.


Television stations are becoming an important part of K-pop. KBS, MBC, SBS, and Mnet have opened and maintained their own YouTube channels and provided a wide variety of K-pop-related online content.